Convert to SVG for free

Vectorize your image online with the free SVG converter. With the SVG file converter, you can instantly convert to SVG any picture, image, or photo you have. Ideal for creating logos, large-format posters, and other illustrations.


Convert image or picture to SVG in seconds

To vectorize logos or convert images to SVG, just access the free SVG converter or vector file converter, upload your file, and convert to SVG online – no need to install a separate converter.


Boost the quality of your image

Vectorize your logo or convert your picture or photo to SVG for Cricut for free. When you convert to SVG, you can easily resize an image without worrying about ruining its quality.


Download or keep editing

Convert to SVG with the free SVG converter with color and do so much more with your file. Vectorize your photo or logo for free and use these files to create more in our Studio

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